Retaining walls

The use of these modern technologies as solutions to the problems of slope stability, offers advantages both technically and economically. In fact, by the combination of geosynthetics and natural materials, is possible to get structures of high slope angle (60 ° -80 °).

The retaining walls applications are found in road and rail embankments, slopes stabilization, rockfall protection works, river banks, replacing the retaining structures made of reinforced concrete.

In addition to entering very well in the environment, thanks to the surface greening, the retaining walls owe their diffusion to their excellent seismic response .

In the face of quick installation, however they require a careful and proper design. Like all civil engineering works, they are subject to compliance with national and international building codes.

GEOSINTEX offers its own retaining walls installation system which provides, as soil reinforcement, the use of geogrids EDILGRID ad, as formwork, the use of welded mesh panels, specially cut and shaped.
Retaining walls