GEOSINTEX provides technical support for product selection and its application since the design studies, where the most appropriate choice of the geosynthetic is critical to realizing high-quality work at a limited cost and within a reasonable time, up to the contractors that GEOSINTEX supports in terms of correct installation of the products.

The engineering department of Geosintex uses the latest software for the calculations and refers to the design and development departments of parent companies. GEOSINTEX is always engaged in the research and development of new applications of geosynthetics: is mentioned in this regard the cooperation with the University of Padua, Bologna, Ferrara and University of Delaware for important research projects

Here is a summary of the main services offered:


  • Design in static and seismic field (internal, external and global stability)
  • Drafting of construction documents from the preliminary to the executive stages
  • Technical reports
  • Technical support on work-site
  • Geotechnical and hydraulic calculations
  • Installation procedures
  • Technical Seminars

Practice Areas:
  • Retaining walls
  • Rockfall Barriers
  • Slopes Erosion
  • Special Foundations
  • Landfills
  • Drainage system
  • Asphalt Reinforcement
  • Landslides Restoring
  • Rivers Works
  • Maritime and off-shore works


  • Quick and complete solutions
  • Support to the customer throughout all the sales process
  • Training and updating through meetings and seminars
  • Direct and daily comparison on the national and international market
  • Continuous research for new solutions through international partnerships
  • Aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction

Technical department and sales department constantly cooperate to ensure our customers the best possible service.
The experience and expertise of the first one and the dynamism and innovation of the second one allow to act GEOSINTEX as solid, reliable and flexible reality in the field of geosynthetics in Italy.