Mattresses  made ​​of double-layer fabrics (polyester and polyamide) with high strength . Particularly suitable as mattresses for erosion control and / or stabilization of banks and slopes, protection and ballast of underwater pipelines  ,  flexible formwork for any underwater injection with cement mixtures.

The filled structure has a thickness ranging from 12 cm to 33 cm. The quality of concrete used is extremely important. The principle applied to remove the excess water is based on the evacuation of the same through the pores of the fabric (due to the pressure exercised by the mixture pumping ). Then the fabric will work as a  sieve and it is designed to prevent loss of fine particles through the pores. It is important to use cement mixes with  the right flow, quality and strength.

FLEXITEX is used in several  applications, such as:

  • Banks and dams reinforcement or surface protection
  • Coastal erosion control or foot protection of docks or piers
  • Seabed protection
  • Emergency works  for floods or typhoons
  • Protection of landfills slopes
  • Ballasting and protection of underwater pipelines

Flexitex is cheap, easy to install, allows reductions of  time and installation costs compared to traditional reinforcement  works with concrete (you can cover areas up to 700 square meters per day), is very strong ( made with only high tenacity polyester fibers), it can be  supplied in rolls of varying widths from 3.75 to 5.30 m  or in pre-measuring  panels, equipped  with filling and venting nozzles and zip on the sides for connections.

Deepening  space

Flexitex can be supplied in three types:

a) FlexiTex Filter Point: the mattresses double layers are connected together by regularly distributed points that act as a filter to annul the water pressure

b) FlexiTex Concrete Mattress: The upper and lower sections are connected together by distance  to ensure that the mattress , when filled with concrete, has a uniform thickness. The different length of threads  can offer several different thicknesses and weights of the mattress when filled.

c) FlexiTex Bags : FlexiTex is woven in the form of large bags with a diameter of 240 cm with selvedge and no seams . We can also manufacture bags with dimensions on request for special applications.


Fields of applications