Trinter geomat is effective against soil erosion due to water and wind. Trinter is formed by the combination of three extruded geogrids with different functions: the first to allow the product to rest well on the slope, the second to perform the function of reinforcement and the third, three-dimensional, to hold the soil over.

The geomat Trinter is used for the construction of slopes of roads in the trenches, on the cover of the landfill, on rivers embankments  and on all slopes with gradients up to 45 degrees.

The geomat Trinter, specifically for erosion control, is also produced which function as reinforcement in Trinter Plus versions (where the second layer consists of a geogrid geogrid extruded PP from 10 kN / m of tensile strength) and Trinter R (where second layeris made of a woven polyester geogrid with tensile strength of 35kN / m, 55kN/me 80kN / m).

The geomat Trinter can be produced on request in green or brown.

Fields of applications