Drainage composite consisting of a core made with high-density polyethylene three-dimensional  geonet  with high compressive strengt and geotextile filters on one or both sides

The main feature of these products is the high water-discharge capacity even under high compression.

INTERDRAIN is a drainage system consisting of three-dimensional high-density polyethylen geonet , diamond mesh , with high permeability, compressive strength and tensile strength, combined on one or both sides with a nonwoven polypropylene geotextile.

INTERDRAIN is ideal for vertical and horizontal drainage systems, ensuring an action of considerable and long-term effectiveness. It  is used for:

  • Drainage on the back of retaining walls and concrete wall
  • Drainage of buildings or foundations
  • Drainage under and over the geomembranes  in landfill sites, swimming pools, canals and reservoirs
  • Drainage of parking lots, gardens and terraces
  • Drainage in the tunneling
  • Drainage at the base of roads and rail-ways  embankments


  • Technical specifications guaranteed by constant testing laboratory ;  product with CE marking
  • Non-degradable and light
  • Easy to use and install
  • Thin, it allows to dig less  in the construction of the road foundations  or to get more volume to be used for landfills
  • Reduce the number of the transports because it takes up much less volume of the gravel required for the same drainage capacity.
  • Exercises a multi-function of drainage, separation and protection on a single product
  • It can be crossed by heavy construction  traffic during installation, without reducing its drainage capacity

Deepening  space

Interdrain has great versatility because it is available in various versions that make this product suitable for many different uses:
Interdrain is available in four versions:
- Type M - L geonet a single
- Type GM - GL composite ,consisting of a geonet coupled with a PP nonwoven geotextile on one side
- Type GMG - GLG composite , consisting of a geonet coupled with 2 PP nonwoven geotextile on both sides
- Type GMF composite , consisting of a geonet coupled on one side with a PP nonwoven geotextile and on the other with a waterproof film

Fields of applications