Flexible containers, as bag, for stones , handled with a single lifting point, made with polyester or polyamide net , for consolidation and erosion control works in the sea, rivers  and in every application to stabilize the soil.

Technical features and performances

High resistance to tearing, abrasions and impacts

Ability to to contain material up to 8 tons

Excellent UV resistance

Ability to hold all types of inert material: stones, pebbles, crushed concrete

The Filter Unit are all supplied with a metal ring that connects the 6 points of attachment of the rope support of the net.This ring facilitates the extreme simplicity of setting up the Filter Unit. Filter Unit can be produced in different styles and 2 colors (black and green).

Benefits using Filter Unit

perfect adherence on every subbase: excellent results in erosion control

Flexible and easy to install: reducing time and labor costs.

Single lift point: very simple positioning

High permeability and porosity: environment and ecosystem friendly product

Filter Unit can play, at the same time, support, consolidation, protection and reinforcement functions. It finds application in all engineering infrastructure works, especially in maritime and hydraulic works.

Protection river banks, canals and river beds

Erosion control of beaches and coasts

Scour protection to the foot of bridges piers  in the river bed

Protection to the foot of  maritime structures (Larsen piles, piers, dams and docks)

Protection to the foot of offshore structures resting on seabed

Ballast or protection of underwater pipelines and cables

Emergency works  (as a result of flooding, landslides or floods)

Deepening space

Filter Unit net

The nets of Unit Filter bags are woven from yarn of nylon or polyester. These polymers are ideal for hydraulic works  because they don't  suffer any type of corrosion, are incorruptible and resistant to water, also salt.

The versatility and flexibility of the nets  makes the bags suitable for any  unevenness  of the subbase

The speed of works execution is increased

The durability of the works  is extended 

The special structure of the mesh obtained with Raschel looms guarantees the stability of Filter Unit (warp knit net).

Localized breacks do not spread to the rest of the structure.

High resistance to the  abrasion, tears and impacts.

Fields of applications