Hydraulic works

The long-term effectiveness of many civil engineering works is also based on controlling the amount of water present in the soil.

Wherever there is a water flow into the ground, must be taken the necessary measures to facilitate drainage and water disposal and to prevent the fine particles are removed and go to damage the works.

The finding granular materials of different sizes, to build  traditional filters , that are able to meet the requirements set out above, is usually very expensive.

A cheaper solution may be achieved by wrapping the drain core with a Propex.

In this way we can use low cost stones , since the only requirement to be observed is that the stones have a sufficiently permeability and are able to drain water from the ground.

Other applications of geosynthetics in hydraulic works are the covering of the watercourses beds and banks, installed under a stones layer (rip-rap) and the manufacture of flexible confinement products (bags,mattresses, geotubes and geocontainers) and finally the reinforcement of dykes, bridge piers, moles, embankment or other structures in contact with water.

GEOSINTEX offers products such as SANDBAG and SINTEX - TUBE to help you solve all these problems. In particular, we point devices FILTER UNIT, bags made with synthetic net, that can contain stones, easy to maneuver and position, ideal for protection of piers in the river bed, erosion control anywhere and emergency works in the landslides or floods events (Civil Protection).
Hydraulic works